We are proud to present our first haiku anthology Behind the Tree Line. This collection contains 45 haiku selected by Gabriel Sawicki from all poems published by the journal in 2015. 

So, get a cup of your favourite coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy the read!


Behind the Tree Line – Haiku Anthology (pdf)

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Welcome to the Wild Plum – a haiku journal.

I want to thank to our contributors and everyone who sent haiku. This time we recived more than 500 poems and it was pleasure to read them all. I am glad and proud of the variety of haiku in this issue.

Our poets are from: Australia, Canada, Croatia, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

After reciving a large number of haiga we decided to present some of them in Haiga Corner.



desert stones
slowly their shadows
change sides

Simon Hanson (Australia) 

chestnut moon
kids lost
in the crossfire

Helen Buckingham (United Kingdom)

rusty leaves
my garden
falling down

Quendryth Young (Australia)

idleness –
counting on my fingers
these snowflakes

Archana Kapoor Nagpal (India)

my words
caught in her eyes
starry night

Chen-ou Liu (Canada)

one more traffic light –
rain letting fall on the pavement
the infinity

Steliana Cristina Voicu (Romania)

Old book store
another pansy
pressed for time

Alexis Rotella (USA)

flat palm–
so many cross-roads
to the destination

Pravat Kumar Padhy (India)

early autumn
tomatoes on the plant
still blushing

Myron Lysenko (Australia)

oak shadows
on a tin roof
red-shafted flicker

Deborah P Kolodji (USA)

office tower
waiting to be torn down
winter sun

Yukiko Yamada (Japan)

outgoing tide
that no longer fit

Julie Warther (USA)

riverside café
the flood levels

Duncan Richardson (Australia)

tree felling
more and more gaps
in my memory

Maria Tomczak (Poland)

clouds mountain wind folds my fingertips

Kanavu Nila (India)

through the moon…
broken music

Jo Balistreri (USA)

bamboo cutters
washing in green water –
a scent of tuberose

Sandra Simpson (New Zealand)

peppermint gum—
beneath a pink sky
the fallen sun

Anna Cates (USA)

pink ribbon
falling one by one
magnolia flowers

Janina Kołodziejczyk (Italy)

Bright Angel Trail
tethered mules lean together
into the mountain

Bruce H. Feingold (USA)

a ribbon in the hair
hops in the opposite rhythm
of a little girl

Nina Kovačić (Croatia)

his anger
rose petals drop
over the fence

Jade Pisani (Australia)

before the storm–
a wind changes
its shades

Magdalena Banaszkiewicz (Poland)

tattered quilt
in the winter chill
an old warmth

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy (United Kingdom)

autumn morning
the sound of leaves softer than
yesterday . . .

William Seltzer (USA)

summer storm
the brimming moon
in the cattle trough

Mark Miller (Australia)

the deep green
of billiard cloth
northern lights

Alan S. Bridges (USA)

autumn night –
even the moon
is not with me

Maria Tirenescu (Romania)

snowflakes glitter
in starshine
the warmth of your hand

Andrew Albritton (USA)

in shallow water
unable to reach the shore
waxing moon

David J. Kelly (Ireland)

last ferry
the night sky sinks into
the bay

Devin Harrison (Canada)

divorce papers
our rowan tree still red
deep under the snow

Magda Sobieszek (Poland)

one more book
for the jumble sale—
joy of sex
Marietta McGregor (Australia)

stack of dusty tires
his mind drifts
to Binh Dinh

Bill Cooper (USA)

night tryst
on the woman’s hips
full moon

Zuzanna Truchlewska (Poland)

horizon –
my collection of gourds
on the windowsill

Lavana Kray (Romania)

jazz club
ice fogged window

Jeffrey Winke (USA)

through the warm breeze
mangoes !
Kanchan Chatterjee (India)

car floodlights
sop up
the cold mist

Tyler Pruett (USA)

between years
we are listening to
the snowfall silence

Vasile Moldovan (Romania)

steep path –
shelf fungus provides
a hand hold

Richard Stevenson (Canada)

Veterans Day
a brother’s embrace
absorbs the tremor

Chad Lee Robinson (USA)

first summer camps
woman on the platform
cuddles a teddy bear

Marta Chocilowska (Poland)

sultry afternoon
one lark fills the sky
with song

Elaine Riddell (New Zealand)

Cherry blossoms
light up her hair…
scent of dawn

Keith A. Simmonds (France)

new moon
fall colors change into
an earthy tapis

Jesus Chameleon (USA)

cloudy hilltop —
the peacock unrobes
its kimono

Kumarendra Mallick (India)

moon shadow
in the folds of an orchid–
midnight moth
Kevin Valentine (USA)

autumn storm
a light in the distance
river gorge
Tatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)

bare branches
touching the wall
of a cancer ward
Nicholas Klacsanzky (Ukraine)

coming home
through cracked bridges
of my roots
Barbara A. Taylor (Australia)

the stone carver’s sharpened
Mark E. Brager (USA)

beach sands-
the waves take my name
back to the ocean
Arvinder Kaur (India)

gathering winters
the dog’s muzzle
begins to gray
Joyce Joslin Lorenson (USA)

autumn wildflowers
last chance
at becoming words
Patrick Doerksen (Canada)

Milky Way
strewn across the pond —
a bullfrog chorus

Theresa A. Cancro (USA)

the stone rests
at bottom

Pravat Kumar Padhy (India)

summer solstice
the planet and I
cross a line

Andrew O. Dugas (USA)

late autumn—
no poplar shadow
in the old park

Carmen Duvalma (Romania)

the faucet dripping …
my loneliness comes
inside her

Chen-ou Liu (Canada)

day’s end raking over rain

Helen Buckingham (United Kingdom)

wild wind
she asks me to take

Myron Lysenko (Australia)

a trekker acts
to a trekker’s song
slow moonrise

Kanavu Nila (India)

daylight fades
I no longer recognize
face in the mirror

Michael L. Newell (USA)

wave’s edge…
a wooden seahorse
at the local op shop

Anne Curran (New Zealand)

graduation day
grown-up diction
on the phone

Yukiko Yamada (Japan)

your line in the sand
waves push in
the tide pulls out

Deborah P Kolodji (USA)

charred skin in a glass showcase Hiroshima

Bruce H. Feingold (USA)

drab mudflat
a million scavenging

Quendryth Young (Australia)

between our indefinite silence the thundershowers

Archana Kapoor Nagpal (India)

the lake under my touch
becomes liquid

Magdalena Banaszkiewicz (Poland)

now what will it do
the autumn sun
in the spider’s web?

Salil Chaturvedi (India)

power outage –
a dandelion fluff
flounced in the room

Lavana Kray (Romania)

flock of sparrows
a thought
then it’s gone

Julie Warther (USA)

alone again…
a balloon
in the brambles

Nishant Mehrotra (India)

darkness arrives and the white pines absorb it

Tyler Pruett (USA)

the wind shifts on threads
beads of dew

Janina Kołodziejczyk (Italy)

just enough breeze
to move the curtain
moonlit waves

Simon Hanson (Australia)

snow forecast
the delivery driver
quoting Shakespeare

David Serjeant (United Kingdom)

her description
of how to kill lab mice –
pitcher plants

Sandra Simpson (New Zealand)

summer noon. . .
even the koel skips it’s notes
once, twice

Kanchan Chatterjee (India)

morning haze –
red dragonflies stirring
the pond silence

Steliana Cristina Voicu (Romania)

pulling me along a string of geese

Alexis Rotella (USA)

within each fold
a memory

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy (United Kingdom)

fading moon
on a barren hill
a coyote’s silence

Jo Balistreri (USA)



Ramesh Anand (haiku), Ranjana Pai (artwork)
Tinywords, 2014


Debbie Strange


Steliana Cristina Voicu


Maria Tomczak
Daily Haiga, 27 July 2015


Billy Antonio (haiku), Gexter Lacambra (photo)
130th WHA Haiga Contest (05/2015)


Lavana Kray


Anne Curran
Undertow Tanka Review, Issue 4


Olivier Schopfer
Presence 49, February 2014


Ana Drobot


Jesus Chameleon (haiku), Pablo San Blaz (artwork)


David J Kelly


Kanavu Nila (tanka), Safiyyah Patel (artwork)
Cattails, 2015


Barbara A. Taylor


Janina Kołodziejczyk
cattails, May 2015

All works herein are the property of the authors. No work may be republished or used in any way without their explicit permission.