Haiku Contest 2015

wphclogoWe would like to thank to all participants for their wonderful poems. Our contest gathered 105 authors from 27 countries. The judge in first edition was Gillena Cox.

Congratulations to the winners!


First place

embracing the boundless –
an empty boat
closer to the moon

Steliana Cristina Voicu (Ploiesti, Romania)

Judge comment:
There is a nice resonance filling the scope of this haiku, it starts with ‘boundless’ in Line 1 and continues to the unnamed waters be it sea, or lake or ocean, where the reflection of a boat sits on the water.
A truly wabi sabi image, constructed in a freestyle structure of three lines syllables 6/4/5.

Second place

long after the song
of the first bird is over –
swaying cherry twig
Eduard Tara (Iasi, Romania)

Judge comment:
After reading this haiku we  are caught, enwrapped, continuing to savour its essence in by the Line 3 ending of the swaying branch. How skillful of the writer, the ephemeral existence of the cherry petals which are taken on the wind, seem a little more easy to bear, as an observer,  it will be difficult gone in a such a short time, but as a haiku reader, the nuance remains as we read and sway with that branch.
His structure is go shichi go, 5/7/5; a lovely neo-classical piece presented in three lines.

Third place

an open door
evening shadows reach out
to frogsong
Vanessa Proctor (Sydney, Australia)

Judge comment:
The use of sound and sight, the appeal to our senses here is just marvellous, shadows reaching into frogsongs, these  words form a are a painted canvas of advancing night with a fullness of its creatures, to remind us of time and season. Line 1 by invitation allows this process to naturally take place. Really lovely. Nice form too 3/6/3.

Honourable Mention

shaping water
and my reverie
river stones
Simon Hanson (Allendale, Australia)

December. . .
just a grassblade
to stare at
Kanchan Chatterjee (Jamshedpur, India)

my kitchen garden
overrun with orange pumpkins
the weight of summer
Marietta McGregor (Canberra, Australia)

west wind
a mocking-bird fashions it
into lyrics
Ernest J Berry (Blenheim, New Zealand)

endless night—
mother scrapes darkness
off the kettle
Carl Seguiban (Vancouver, Canada)

rain after rain –
just one magnolia offered
to the stone Jizo
Angelee Deodhar (India)